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Putuoshan (普陀山, Pǔtuóshān, Mount Putuo)

About Mountain Puto

Putuoshan (普陀山, Pǔtuóshān, Mount Putuo) is an island in Zhejiang Province - the name is derived from a sacred Buddhist mountain that is located on the island.

Putuoshan is only 297 meters above sea level and is located five kilometers east of Zhoushan island in Zhejiang province. The mountain is dedicated to Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, or bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.


How to get to Mountain Puto

Whether you arrive from Ningbo, from Zhoushan or direct from Shanghai, it costs 110 RMB to land on Putuoshan as the whole island is a National Park.

The 15 minute boat ride from Zhoushan costs 18 RMB; The 1 hour boat ride from Ningbo costs 65 RMB, including the 1 hour bus ride from the Ningbo Ferry Wharf. If you have a hotel booking you may be met at the wharf by a hotel minibus. Look out for placards in the bus park. There is an information/hotel booking desk at the Wharf, otherwise it is a short walk to the Puji Temple central area, where there is another information centre.



  • Fayu Monastery is located at the foot of Fodingshan (Foding mountain), at the north end of 1000 step Beach. Entry fee 5 RMB.
  • Huiji Monastery is located near the top of Fodingshan. Entry fee 5 RMB. The lazy can reach the temple by cable car (40 RMB return). Take Bus 2 from the port (8 RMB). More active visitors and pilgrims take the concrete steps from near Fayu Temple. It takes about 1 hour to climb the mountain.
  • Puji Monastery is the most accessible and famous monastery on Putuoshan. It costs 5RMB to enter. It is located at the central axis of the island. There are hotels, restaurants and fascinating shops close by. Not to be missed.



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