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The Moon Festival

The Moon Festival is one of the major widely celebrated festival in China. It is on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. Since it falls in mid-autumn in Chinese lunar calendar and celebrated on the 15th of the month, it is also called “Mid-Autumn Festival”. The moon plays a significant role in this festival. Chinese people love to climb up to an open space or the top of the mountain to get a clear view of Autumn’s auspicious full moon. The perfect round shape of the full moon symbolizes a spirit of harmony and reunion. Moon cake is a must in the Moon Festival celebration. It is a special kind of pastries filled with various kind of sweet, salty, meat, bean, and vegetable ingredients. It is usually carved with delicate patterns or Chinese characters. Family members and friends get together to enjoy the moon cake under the bright full moon. Much of the happiness and harmony filled in the air at a night like this. There are many fairy tales and stories had been told related to the Moon in China. One of the most famous is “Chang-Er fly to the Moon”. Legend has it that beautiful Chang-Er is the wife of the great hero Hou-Yi who shot down eight of the nine suns to save the drying planet. Chang-Er swallowed a pill of immortality given to her by Hou-Yi, flew to the Moon and became immortal. Stories also painted a jade hare that stays with her during those longing days and nights in the moon.
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