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Chinese Food Therapy

Green Onion (Scallion)

As Chinese saying goes "no onions do not cook dishes," in daily life, the green onion (scallion) , while mostly used as seasoning, its nutritional value and health value can not be underestimated. Green onion (scallion) is regarded as “warm” in nature in Chinese traditional medicine. Chinese used it for dispersing chill, relieving congestion and relaxing muscle tension. Mixing scallions, ginger and brown sugar is a traditional Chinese medicine prescription for early treatment of cold. Green onions also benefits the stomach and lungs since green onions can promot digestion and destroy oral and respiratory bacteria.


Ginger is widely used in Chinese cooking as seasoning. But its value is far beyond serving as the flavoring agent. In traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is “warm” in nature. Ginger is often used for treatment of abdominal bloating, diarrhea, nausea, headache, and bleeding. It is also used for treating of cough, common cold, help digestion, neutralize poisons in food, promote blood circulation, support cardiovascular health. In addition, ginger is commonly used for treatment of inflammatory joint diseases, such as arthristis and rheumatism. Its healing power has made it one of the most popular food remedy in traditional Chinese medicine.


Garlic is another food with strong healing power. Like ginger, it is “warm” in nature in traditional Chinese medicine. One could found that lots of Chinese dishes contain generous amount of garlic. Chinese not only use it to promote the flavor, but believe it kills bacteria, help digestion, and prevents diarrhea. Researchers found that eating garlic on a regular basis lowers the risk of stomach and colon cancers. Other therapeutic functions have been found in garlic, such as being used as a remedy for hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis. It is recommended to eat garlic raw and crushed. It is found that fresh raw garlic when crushed has the most effectiveness to release it’s healing power.


Speaking of cucumber, many people like to eat it, but few people know it's pharmaceutical value. Chinese traditional medicine believes that the cucumber is “cool” in nature. It has the effect of detoxification and could help to ease throat pain causing by some illness. Modern medical researchers found that cucumber is rich in vitamin E, which helps fighting against aging. Women like to put cucumber juice or film on the face to smooth skin and reduce wrinkle. Cucumber also contains vitamin B1, which is essential tp brain and nervous system. Chinese traditional medicine believes cucumber has the effect to soothe the nerves and aid in the treatment of insomnia.


There is Chinese saying of “Longevity peach”, reminding people the connection of peach and the promise of longevity. Chinese medicine believes that peach is moderate “warm” in nature. Peach seed is widely used in Chinese medicine to improve blood circulation, dissolve accumulated blood clots, moisten the intestines and relaxes the bowels. Since peach is rich in iron, Chinese believes consuming enough amount of peach has the beauty effectiveness.


Chinese traditional medicine believes grape is neutral regarding to “warm” or “cool” in nature. Eating grape can tune the b lood, strengthen the bone, and promote urination. Because grape contains highly effective anti-cancer substances, it is a good food choice to prevent from cancer. Also, dried grape (raisin) is rich in iron, which is especially beneficial to children or people who has anaemia.


Tomatoes are known to be a powerhouse of nutrition. Traditional Chinese medicine regards it as “cool” in nature. Chinese medicine believes that tomatoes have the effectiveness of detoxification, reducing blood pressure, preventing from cancer and aging. It contains a multitude of vitamins and minerals that promote the immune system and support health. In addition, tomato is high in nutrition, but low in calories, it is an excellent choice for weight loss diet.


As wisdom says “one apple per day keeps the doctor away from me,” traditional Chinese medicine found that apple is “cool” in nature and promotes various health benefits. Researchers found that eating 1-2 apples per day, the rate of suffering from heart disease can be reduced by half. Apple contains soluble fibre that help to prevent from constipation. The scent of apples helps people to relax and refresh their spirit. Apple cider vinegar helps digestion and reduces fat. Eating apple slowing in the mouth can be very effective to kill the oral bacteria.


Strawberry’s bright red color and delicious tastes have made it a popular fruit. Chinese traditional medicine believes that strawberry is “cool” in nature. It lubricates lungs, promotes body fruids, strengthens spleen and stomach, and detoxifies in alcohol intoxication. It also contains anti-cancer ingredients that prevent people from cancer and aging.

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